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Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi.

Khwaja Mohammad Imamuddin Nizami reverently known as Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi. Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi got his ‘Takhallus’ or pen name ‘Jauhar’ (Jauhar means ‘Talent/Skill/Art’) by his Peer-o-Mursheed or spiritual master

Dr. Jauhar Shahiyabaadi is also respectfully and lovingly known as ‘Hazrat’,’Dr.Jauhar Miya’ and ‘Naqibul Auliya’ by his many Hindus and Muslim followers and by his contemporary writers.

Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi (born on 21 September 1955) is an Indian Sufi Saint, Doctorate of Literature and Philosophy, Professor of Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages. He is also an acclaimed, renowned and awarded Bhojpuri and Hindi writer.

Along with, being an educationist Dr. Jauhar is an Islamic scholar, a mystic, preacher hugely loved and followed Sufi saint of Chishti order of Sufism and the descendant of the freedom fighter and Sufi Saint ‘Hazrat Jaane Ali Chishti Nizami’ (his grandfather) from Shafiyabaad Sharif, Gopalganj, Bihar, India. Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi has a huge number of followers from both Hindu-Muslim communities in the Indian Subcontinent.

He is an Icon for Hindu-Muslim peace and unity in India and has contributed a lot to maintain this by his writings and philanthropic works and teachings.

Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi runs and heads more than 400 ‘Yateem Khanas' or Orphanages and Madarsas all across India, principal of them are in Gopalganj, Bihar and in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

He has given some remarkable contributions in the field of literature. He has written more than 20 books in different languages and has been praised as ‘Bhojpuri Purush’. He is a Senator at Jamia Milia Islamiya an honor given by Fmr.President of India Smt Pratibha Devi Singh Patil .

His book ‘Poorvi Ke Dhah (पूर्वी के धाह) became the first Bhojpuri book to be published by National Book Trust and was included in the syllabus of school of Arts.

Early Life

Khwaja Mohammad Imamuddin Nizami- (Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi) was born on 21 September 1955 in Baikunthpur, Gopalganj, Bihar in a renowned and religious family. His father Janaab Sheikh Mohibullah Hussain Nizami was a Sufi saint, was also known as ‘Sardar Shafiyabadi’. His mother Kaniz Fatima Nizami was a household runner and a pious woman. Dr Jauhar inherited intellect and Sufism from his family as his grandfather was a hugely followed Sufi saint, whose shrine is in ‘Shafiyabad Shareef’. His Urs is celebrated on 22nd of March every year. ‘Shafiyabad Shareef’ has become an iconic place for Hindu- Muslim unity, where thousands from these two communities gather and become ‘one’. This is the place where Dr Jauhar got his last name ‘Shafiyabadi’.

Education and Career

When he was at his kindergarten, he was very disciplined, dedicated and devoted. In his primary and high education schooling he was amongst the front runners. As he belonged to a family where intellect and spiritualism was in the environment, he chose to build career in school of arts and literature.

He completed his Primary and Higher Schooling from S.Y.R.High School, Revatith, Baikunthpur, Gopalganj,Bihar. He completed his Bachelors’ and Masters’ in Arts and his PhD in Literature from the Bihar University.

He is an Aalim, ( عَلِمَ‎- an educated Islamic scholar) Fazil-Mufti from Darool Uloom Naeemiya,Chapra,Bihar and Darool Uloom Al- Misbah, Raja Bazaar, Kolkata,W.B. He is a Professor and HOD in Urdu department of DR. P.N. Singh Degree College, Chapra, Saran, and Bihar.

He is also a professor of Arabic and Persian language. He is a senator at Jamia Milia Islamiya College,New Delhi.

Activism and Philanthropy

Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi holds authority in many institutions and forums. He runs a foundation that organizes several events to serve people in his state Bihar and other parts. He plays an important role in regulating the rules in the Madarsas run by his institution.

In every Eid-Al-Adha, Dr Jauhar’s foundation organizes ‘Langer’ or ‘Holy feast’ in Shafiyabaad Shareef, Gopalganj to feed the poor and underprivileged. On this day thousands from different communities gather for the annual ceremony of sacrifice. In this event Dr Jauhar distributes clothes and food to the poor people.

Bihar Flood of 2017- in the year 2017 Bihar was soaked and suffered in flood; Dr Jauhar’s foundation gave their contributions to improve the condition of the flood victims. His foundation has also contributed by their efforts in previous Bihar’s calamities.His institution donated more than 3, 00,000 lac rupees.

Strike to make Bhojpuri as constitutional Language- Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi played an important role in bringing Bhojpuri in 8th list of constitutional language. He in the year 1970 went on death strike and starved for many days as an action of strike, for being herd for his demands to make Bhojpuri a Constitutional Language.

He demanded for very long and kept on sending letter to the Member of Parliament.Every year, on the occasion of birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed, Khankahe Jauhare Azam at Birgaon, Raipur organizes holy feast for the people and a conference on the lesson from the life of Prophet.

Bhojpuri and the Epitome of Bhojpuri

Bhojpuri is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Northern-Eastern part of India and the Terai region of Nepal. It is chiefly spoken in eastern Uttar Pradesh, western Bihar, and in extreme northwestern part of Jharkhand in India.

Dr Jauhar Shafiyabadi is an epitome of Bhojpuri language and writing. He has been regarded as the idol to follow, when one studies or writes Bhojpuri literature. His works have been recognized in the entire state of Bihar, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and many parts of India.

He attends and gets invitations from many national and international conferences

He has done many research works in Bhojpuri. जौहर दोहावली is the first dohawali or Bhojpuri couplet . He has written ‘भोजपुरी काव्य शास्त्र के विधान’, in this he has laid down the principles of writing Bhojpuri Shastra which is widely accepted. He has written ‘मितवा’ the national song of Bhojpuri.

‘कबिरा खड़ा बाजार में’- one of his famous works, was the first scientific prose written in Bhojpuri. In the year 2007 he wrote ’रंगमहल’ the first Deewan of Bhojpuri. ‘पूर्वी के धाह’ in 2010 is the first historical novel and is the first Bhojpuri book to be published by National Book Trust. He has written a book that tells the similarities between THE VEDAS AND THE HOLY QORAN- वेद और क़ुरान,2001 verse with verse. Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi has worked with the most eminent authors and writers of Bhopuri and Urdu and Hindi.

Dr. Jauhar Shafiyaabadi- ‘A saint with omnipresence’.

Being a Sufi Saint, scholar, educationist and writer, he holds office and designations of various councils and forums which are enlisted below

1. President: Sufi Matavlambi Gaddi Shafifabaad Shareef, Gopalganj, Bihar.
2. President: Akhil Bhartiy Jauhare Azaam Sufi Foudation ,New Delhi.
3. President: SUFIMANCH madarsa Jauhar-E-Azam, Raipur,CG
4. President: Sufi Manch Jauhar-e-Islam, Kheda Colony Noida, U.P.
5. President: Darool Uloom Jauhare Islaam, Shafiyaabad Shareef,Gopalganj.
6. President: International Bhojpuri Research Center, Sirsa Gopalganj, Bihar.
7. President: Rashtriy Bhojpuri Swabhimaan Andolan, New Delhi.
8. Vice President: Akhil Bhartiya Bhojpuri Sahitya Sammelan, Patna.
9. Chief Secretary: Akhil Bhartiya Bhojpuri Sammelan, Patna.

Awards and Honors

1. Bihaar Rajya Lok Bhaasha Samman, 2011.
2. He was awarded with membership at Banaras Hindu University for research in Bhojpuri Language in 2012 by Fmr President of India Smt Pratibha Devi Singh Patil.
3. ‘Bhojpuri Purush’ for his book ‘Rangmahal’ in Bhojpuri in 2017.
4. ‘Naqibul Auliya’ by the society of Ulema Jamshedpur in 1990.
5. ‘Bhojpuri Ratna’ by Bhilai Bhojpuri Parishad in 2005.‘Sufi Ratna’ by an International Society named Imam Ahmed Raza International. Karachi, Pakistan, in 2005.
6. ‘Kabeer Samman’- Vishwa Bhojpuri Sammelan, New Delhi.
7. ‘Bhojpuri Gaurav’ Samman.

Writing works

Dr Jauhar Shafiyabadi has written more than 20 books in different languages. His famous writing works are as
1. धरोहर (भोजपुरी ग़ज़ल संग्रह) 1990
. 2. आँख (भोजपुरी में प्रथम ललित इन्शईया निबंध संग्रह) 2002 .
3. नातिया कलाम भाग १, भाग २ -1970.
4. रंगमहल 2007.
5. कलामे इलाही: क़ुरान शरीफ का भोजपुरी रूपांतरण।
6. गीत गगन.
7. कबीरा खड़ा बाजार में 2010.
8. भोजपुरी साहित्य की विकास यात्रा.
9. भोजपुरी आंदोलन का इतिहास.
10. वेद और क़ुरान 2001.
11. भोजपुरी ग़ज़ल एक अवलोकन 2008.
12. पूर्वी के धाह 2010.The first Historical Bhojpuri Novel.
13. भोजपुरी ग़ज़ल एक अवलोकन.
14. भोजपुरी संत काव्य धारा.
15. हम कहाँ जाईं.
16. जौहर दोहावली .
17. ‘भोजपुरी काव्य शास्त्र के विधान’.


Khwaja Mohammad Imamuddin Nizami reverently known as Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi. Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi got his ‘Takhallus’ or pen name ‘Jauhar’ (Jauhar means ‘Talent/Skill/Art’) by his Peer-o-Mursheed or spiritual master .