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Akhil Bhartiya.

Akhil Bhartiya Jauhare Aazam Sufi Foundation is a registered foundation formed by Dr. Jauhar Shafiyadbadi. He has established and constructed more than 400 orphanages and Madarsa for the underprivileged Muslim kids.

In this, he has adopted a way to collaborate Madarsa and orphanage together so that children can get education and nourishment in parallel. He has given emphasis on Religious as well as Modern education all together. His Madarsas follows prescribed rules and prepares Islamic Scholars and preachers.

In his teachings at Madarsa, he always instills thought of humanism, unity, love and love for the nation. His Akhil Bhartiy Jauhare Aazam Sufi Foundation has always given a message to the students and people who have been in association the purpose of life, spiritualism and the way of coexisting together.

Following are the Main Education center of Dr. Jauhar’s Foundation.
1. Shafiyabaad Shareef, Gopalganj,Bihar.
2. Kaankahe Jauhare Aazam , Biragon,Raipur.CG
3. Kaankahe Jauhare Aazam , Kolkata,WB.
4. Akhil Bhartiya Jauhare Aazam Sufi Foundation, New Delhi.
5. Darool Uloom Jauhare Azam, Raipur.
6. Madarsa Jauhare Islam, Khura Colony, Ghaziyabaad.
7. Darool Uloom Jauhare Islam, Theda, Iswarpur, Saran.


Khwaja Mohammad Imamuddin Nizami reverently known as Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi. Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi got his ‘Takhallus’ or pen name ‘Jauhar’ (Jauhar means ‘Talent/Skill/Art’) by his Peer-o-Mursheed or spiritual master .