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Shafiyabaad Shareef.

A small village in Baikunthpur area of Gopalganj, Bihar. It is a sacred place for Sufis. This is a home town of Dr.Jauhar and a place from where he got his Sufi sub-name ‘Shafiyabadi’. In Shafiyabad Shareef there’s a famous ‘Mazaar Shareef‘ or shrine of Sufi Saint Hazrat Jaane Ali Chisty Nizami is located. Shafibaad Shareef is visited by thousands.

Every Year, on 22nd of March, ‘Urs Mubarak’ of Sufi Saint Hazrat Jaane Ali Chisty Nizami is celebrated. The Urs Mubarak is like a festival for ‘The Jauharis’. ‘Jauharis’ (‘Mureeds’ or disciples of Dr Jauhar Miya Shafiyabadi) thousands participate from Hindu-Muslim communities’ and offer their prayers.

Hindus and Muslims they together put their efforts to organize the annual ceremony at the Shrine under the leadership of Dr Jauhar. People come from different parts of the country to pray at the shrine and show their devotion.

During the festivities, the shrine is decorated with flowers and lights, the Urs gathers ‘Qawwals’ from different parts of the country to perform the art of singing qawwali, accommodation for the visitors is arranged and the feast of veganism nature continues for three days . Jauharis organize the ‘Langar’ or the holy feast.

During Urs Mubarak, spirituality does the ‘Sema’ and the differences vanish.
The SHRINE at Shafiyabad Shareef has become another symbol of unity, harmony and equality in India.


Khwaja Mohammad Imamuddin Nizami reverently known as Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi. Dr. Jauhar Shafiyabadi got his ‘Takhallus’ or pen name ‘Jauhar’ (Jauhar means ‘Talent/Skill/Art’) by his Peer-o-Mursheed or spiritual master .